Message from Senator Rasha Kelej on organising the first Merck Foundation Health Media Training in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles

Merck Foundation, in partnership with Media Trust Board, Mauritius conducted the first Merck Foundation Health Media Training for all media representatives from Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles focusing on the international standards and media ethics for reporting sensitive social and health issues with an aim to be the voice of the voiceless in their respective communities.

I am very happy to initiate this important Merck Foundation Health Media Training session as I strongly believe that media plays a significant role in influencing our society to create a cultural shift. Media has the capacity and ability to break the stigma around infertility in the community and has played a critical role during the global pandemic.

I am proud that so far, Merck Foundation has trained 1700 media representatives from more than 30 countries in Africa and Latin America through our Merck Foundation Health Media Training.

I personally believe that this training will add significant value to influence the culture change we are advocating for at all levels.

Together we break the infertility stigma.

Kind regards,
Senator Dr. Rasha Kelej
CEO of Merck Foundation
President of Merck Foundation More Than a Mother

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