A message from Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation about ‘David Story’, a children’s storybook that emphasizes the strong family values of love and respect from a young age.

As an African woman and the CEO of Merck Foundation, I am very proud to introduce this inspiring story.

In many cultures, childless women still suffer discrimination, stigma and ostracism. An inability to have a child or to become pregnant can result in being greatly isolated, disinherited or assaulted. This often results in divorce or physical and psychological violence. Therefore, we have created “Merck More Than a Mother” campaign with the aim to de­ne many interventions to empower infertile women through access to information, health and change of mind-set.

This story is one of these interventions to break the stigma around infertile women and raises awareness about infertility prevention and male infertility.

It’s important for parents and caregivers to start teaching respect and nurturing empathy from a very young age. We should teach boys these qualities at their schools and through media. I believe both boys and girls need the same kind of guidance.

Just like girls, young boys gradually learn how to control their behavior during their pre-school and elementary school years. This story is our way to empower our boys to develop true respect for women and know few facts about Infertility prevention and how it affects both men and women equally.

Reading David’s story will teach our children to respect and value all people Regardless of being parents or not. It will also help preparing our children for tomorrow with the right family values of love and respect. Everyone deserves respect and love, and should never ever be overlooked or, worse, abused — even if they are childless.

I hope you will understand the story’s message “Having a child, takes both a man and a woman, every woman is more than a Mother, every man is more than a Father “.

Dr. Rasha Kelej
CEO of Merck Foundation
President of Merck more than a Mother

Enjoy reading David’s story

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