Merck Foundation calls for applications for scholarships for physicians in critical and underserved specialties in Africa and developing countries


I am pleased to announce the call for applications for scholarships for young local physicians in many underserved critical medical specialties

LILONGWE, Malawi, November 3, 2021 / APO Group / –

The Merck Foundation (, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany, has announced the call for applications for medical education scholarships for healthcare providers in critical and underserved specialties for graduates in medicine from Africa and developing countries.

Senator Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation, explained: “We strongly believe that building the capacity of health professionals and training health care providers is the right strategy for transforming health care. patients in the public sector in Africa and in developing countries. I am happy to announce the call for applications for scholarships for young local physicians in many critical and underserved medical specialties. Our goal is to provide access to quality and equitable healthcare solutions by strengthening professional capacities. I am more than proud that 1200 physicians from 44 countries have already benefited from Merck Foundation scholarships in various critical and underserved areas such as oncology, diabetes, preventive cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, sexual and reproductive medicine. , acute medicine, respiratory medicine, embryology and fertility. , Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Emergency and resuscitation medicine, Intensive care, Pediatric emergency medicine, Neonatal medicine, Advanced surgical practice, Pain management, Urology, General surgery, Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases , Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Trauma and Orthopedics, Neuroimaging for Biotechnology Research in ART and more ”.

The Merck Foundation has issued a call for applications for the following online courses:

No.Degree and durationOnline course name
1PG diploma (1 year)Diabetes
2PG diploma (1 year)Preventive cardiovascular medicine
3PG diploma (1 year)Sexual and reproductive medicine
4PG diploma (1 year)Endocrinology
5PG diploma (1 year)Respiratory medicine
6PG diploma (1 year)Acute medicine
7PG diploma (1 year)Rheumatology
8PG diploma (1 year)Gastroenterology
9PG diploma (1 year)Dermatology in clinical practice
tenPG diploma (1 year)Clinical Psychiatry
11MSc (15 months)Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction and Embryology
12PG diploma (18 months)Cancer and clinical oncology
13PG diploma (18 months)Endocrinology and diabetes
14PG diploma (21 months)Emergency and resuscitation medicine
15PG diploma (21 months)Laparoscopic surgical skills
16MSc (3 years)Psychiatry
17MSc (2 years)Critical care
18MSc (2 years)Advanced surgical practice
19PG diploma (2 years)Neonatal medicine
20MSc (2 years)Pain management
21PG diploma (2 years)Pediatric emergency medicine
22ChM (Urology) (2 years)Urology
23ChM (General Surgery) (2 Years)General surgery
24ChM (Trauma and Orthopedics) (2 years)Trauma and orthopedics
25PG diploma (2 years)Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases
26PG diploma (2 years)Primary care ophthalmology
27PG diploma (2 years)Internal Medicine
28MSc (3 years)Neuroimaging for research

How to register:

Applications should be sent to:

Deadline to apply:

December 31, 2021

Eligibility criteria for scholarships

All Merck Foundation scholarships are awarded to nationals of African countries, developing countries and underserved communities according to the Global Human Development Index list of developing countries. Refer to the link: The Scientific Committee of the Merck Foundation and the Scientific Committee of the Academic Partners will focus on African countries with particular emphasis on Francophones and Lusophones and SIDS (Small Islands Developing State), with the objective of building health capacity and transforming patient care in the public sector which is under pressure due to its limited resources. Therefore, requests from ministries of health (MOH) or medical societies are preferable. In case of individual requests, a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Health or medical societies in those countries will be required to indicate your country’s deviation in the specific specialty and the goal of improving access to equitable care. and quality for patients in your community is identified and achieved. In addition, the Merck Foundation Scientific Committee will take into consideration in the selection process the following factors when necessary: ​​the Human Development Index, the population and number of eligible applications received from each country and the number of scholarships. which have already been granted to each country in such specialties. In addition, the Merck Foundation plans to offer English courses to applicants from French-speaking and Portuguese-speaking African countries as well as Latin American countries, to give them an equal chance to benefit from the specialized online training which is provided only. in English (List of online courses given above). In the case of an on-campus clinical training scholarship provided in India, such as Fertility and Embryology Training and Oncology Scholarship, interpreters will be provided to non-English speaking academics throughout their training program. Ministries of health and medical societies in African and developing countries can submit their requests to:

Merck Foundation may require financial statement to prove monthly income – 1 month salary / payslip or 3 month salary statement or bank statement, for official purposes.

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