Message from Senator Rasha Kelej thanking Liberia First Lady for her congratulatory wishes on the 4th anniversary of Merck Foundation

I am very proud of the congratulations of my dear sister, The First Lady of the Republic of Liberia and Ambassador of ‘Merck Foundation More Than a Mother’, H.E. Mrs. CLAR M. WEAH, for the 4th anniversary of Merck Foundation. We are honored.

I am very happy that we are making history together. Very proud of our long-term partnership and the significant impact we are doing together in breaking the infertility stigma, empowering women, supporting girls’ education, and most importantly transforming the public health care sector and touching people’s lives together in beautiful Liberia and the rest of Africa. Together we provided scholarships for more than 35 local doctors in many critical and underserved specialties such as oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, Paediatric, and reproductive & sexual care, fertility care, and embryology for the first time in Liberia. A great milestone to reshape the landscape of equitable and quality patient care. 

Moreover, we launched the hygiene program by providing machines to manufacture sanitary towels for school girls for free to empower their education continuity together. This is an amazing initiative.

Your active support and your hard work and amazing leadership as the First Lady and Merck Foundation Ambassador is outstanding and is the main factor of this significant impact. Many thanks to you and your skilled and active team.

I’m also looking forward to transforming people’s lives every day!

Kind regards,

Senator Dr. Rasha Kelej

CEO of Merck foundation

President of ‘Merck Foundation More Than a Mother’

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